Easier and less wasteful than juicing, healthier and tastier than a protein shake, packed with chlorophyll and trace nutrients, green smoothies are a detox friend and they are delicious too!!

If you are looking to make a few positive changes with your diet and life style this year, then to include a green smoothie daily will support a lot of the detox pathways in the liver and make that all important detoxification process more efficient.

To make a green smoothie you need a green vegetable as a base (about 1/3) which is then balanced out with fruits that are soft and fleshy such as mango, banana, pear, water melon etc.

Typical green vegetables are spinach, watercress, lambs lettuce, broccoli, kale (green or purple), chard, beet tops, dandelion or stinging nettle leaves (harvested from a clean environment), basil, parsley, coriander, etc. Those can be used combined or on their own. Spinach, chard, beet tops and nettles are packed with chlorophyll but are also very high in oxalic acid and should not be eaten every day so they need to be rotated with kale, lamb’s lettuce, broccoli and watercress.

A green smoothie is a perfect base for adding all those other excellent super foods such as wheat grass powder and chlorella. It can be made more nutritious by adding hemp protein (very important if you are using your green smoothie as a meal replacement), ground flax, avocado etc
Finally certain ingredients are also useful to balance the taste of green smoothies such as celery, lime/lemon juice or berries (kiwis, raspberries, blueberries etc.)

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