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Fri January 27 2017

Urban Detox weekend

Three days of treatments, juices and mindfulness led by Anne-Lise Miller and Shirley MacDonald.

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SUN March 25 2017

Residential Detox Retreats

Lift the brain fog, wake up your system and relax in the peaceful surroundings of the French Pyrénées

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The self-care classes are held regularly at the Whole Health Centre.

They are structured to empower you with the best possible information to manage your health and well-being.

Each Topic is divided into 4 modules or sessions of informal talks/ workshop lasting 90 minutes each. They address specific symptoms and are designed to help you manage them optimally.

Validated by research in psycho-neurology, nutrition, muscle function and fascia structure, the selected practices, exercises and lectures compliment each other for a layered and wholistic approach to self-care.

Residential detox retreats

A detox retreat is not only a wonderful way to shape up, improve your vitality, clear fuzzy thinking or get back to healthier habbits after over-indulging, it is a unique opportunity to remove yourself from daily routine.

After a week of treatments and relaxation you will be open to new beginnings, your energy will soar and your mind will be freer to resolve problems creatively. 

Join a small group of like-minded people for a week of juices, counselling, yoga, massage and colonic treatments led by Anne-Lise herself.

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 My treatments are client centred and I always incorporate a holistic approach to health and healing

My recommendations are adapted to the needs and situation of each person. They are simple, easy to apply and fully explained. I aim to treat mind and body based on the understanding that we have the power to influence and integrate them both with the correct approach and appropriate information.


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