Gathering and Relocating: The WHC has moved

On June 30th, 2021, I closed the door of the Whole Health Centre 

The Whole Health Centre was a purpose-built space I created five years ago inspired by my previous clinic of the same name, which I opened in the 90s.

A bright, open space, the WHC was home to the Detox Weekends and a variety of trainings, therapies, classes, and art exhibitions.

A space is bounded and contained, with organised surroundings, where it is possible to feel safe by limiting sensory inputs and inviting relaxation. Like many who came into the WHC, I will miss our shared learning, laughter and tears and the hope and healing that gently followed from the practice of letting go. 

Relocating is never an easy step to take. I have relocated several times in my 30 years of practice, but this particular move has been made easier by the beautiful space I have been invited into by Colonic Therapist Debbie Laniado

From the 6th of August 2021, I will be practising from North London Colonics and I look forward to welcoming you there.

192 side entrance

treatment and colonics hydroitheray in london

From the 6th of August I will resume my Colonic Hydrotherapy Practice from North London Colonics in West Hampstead, 192 Goldhurst Terrace, side entrance, London NW6 3HN. 

The nearest Stations are: Swiss Cottage, London Underground (15 min walk), Finchley Road, London Underground (15 min walk), South Hampstead, Overground (5 min walk), West Hampstead, Overground (12 min walk)

Parking is free after 6.30pm on week days and all day on Saturdays & Sundays. Parking permits available to buy the rest of the time and are charged at £4.50/per booking.

Colonic Treatments are available to book online now.

I am also available for virtual Nutritional Consultations, Detoxification Support and Functional Testing. 

Please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can also phone me on Tel: 07502 222 269.

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Anne-Lise has a scientific back-ground and studied biology in France.

A naturopathic practitioner for over 25 years, she is a renowned teacher of Colonic Hydrotherapy in the UK and abroad where she regularly lectures. 

She holds additional qualifications in Systematic Kinesiology, Nutrition, Massage, Functional Exercise, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

colonic room

My approach to Colonic Hydrotherapy has evolved over three decades of practice and is born from my broader interest in the connections between experience, perception, and healing.

It is generally agreed that a body mind connection exisits, but more recent developments in neuro-biology have started to explain the complex connections between the gut, safety-perception and  past traumas (big or small).

To me, Colonic Hydrotherapy offers a window not just into gut function, but into our ability to release, let go and integrate the past with the present, three fundamentals to mindfullness and healing. This makes Colonics' potential for strengthening the neurology of healing unique and literally from our core. 


The Whole Health Centre has moved to:

North London Colonics,192 Goldhurst Terrace, side entrance,

London NW6 3HN. Enquiries Anne-Lise tel 07502 222 269

Nearest Stations :

Swiss Cottage, London Underground (15 min walk)

Finchley Road, London Underground (15 min walk)

South Hampstead, Overground (5 min walk)

West Hampstead, Overground (12 min walk)

Parking :

Free after 6.30pm and on Saturdays & Sundays

Parking permits available to buy the rest of the time