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Bowel health, digestive function and the microbiome underlie all four aspects of health, making Colonic Hydrotherapy fundamental and complementary





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for levels interact and influence eachother

 Although a treatment may be addressing a particular aspect of the body, namely physical, nutritional, emotional or energetic, it will also be focusing on integrating the whole of you.

Woman's Health and Pelvic Floor Restoration

The pelvic floor muscles support the abdominal organs and largely control sphincters. In this way they contribute to continence, both anal and urinary.

Anatomically women are particularly prone to pelvic floor issues because of the shape of their pelvis and the influence of female hormones on pelvic floor health. Additionally child bearing and birthing will strain pelvic muscles and the delicate fascia around them. Menopause and ageing are also known to weaken pelvic floor muscles.

If the pelvic floor is compromised it will be unable to fulfill its supportive function leading to organ descent and prolapse, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, incontinence, lack of sexual pleasure and/or pain during intercourse

The Pelvic Floor recovery programme aims to:

  1. Avoid constipation and develop better awareness of the pelvic floor muscles. This is is something that Colonic Hydrotherapy is particularly apt at achieving. Constipation puts a great burden on pelvic floor muscles. At the Whole health centre you will find exclusively female Colonic Therapists that are trained specifically to coach women to effectively engage their pelvic floors. They also treat pelvic floor muscles using massage techniques and hydrotherapy application (alternating hot and cold water).
  2. Release tensions and distortions of the surrounding fascia and tissues that are contributing to dysfunction. Craniosexual® Therapy specifically works on those delicate tissues and structures while Cranio-Sacral Therapy can help release fascia more broadly
  3. To nourish the area, Nutrition is important in balancing the health of the tissues and the hormones that directly control them.
  4. To emotionally connect with the area and appreciate an often misunderstood anatomy part. Craniosexual® Therapy and Yoni steam are especially relevant here. EFT can also help clear trauma a woman can hold in her pelvis and which often leads to pain and dysfunction.