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A Gall Bladder Flush can be done on its own or as part of another cleanse. If done alone it lasts 2 days and it is recommended to incorporate it with Colonic Hydrotherapy. It specifically challenges the liver to expel Gall Stones and congested bile that lays stagnant in the many bile ducts that make up the liver.

The Gall Bladder Flush is recommended:  

  • Alongside any cleanse
  • In the case of diagnosed Gall Stones and fatty or congested liver
  • To improve cholesterol detoxification
  • To improve hormonal detoxification and associated symptoms
  • To improve symptoms of bloating and general digestion
  • To help manage constipation
The Programme includes:
  • Two Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments plus an additional treatment within a month of completing the flush with coffee implant
  • Nutritional recommendations and educational material with easy to follow step by step instructions