Health is intimately linked to the acid/alkaline balance that regulates cellular function. The interstitial fluids responsible for delivering nutrients and removing toxic waste from our tissues and organs are often burden by excess acids from diet which combine with dehydration, stress and a sluggish ellimination. This state of mild acidosis slowly leads to tissue damage and associated loss of cellular coherance and vitality. 

Alkalising is an easy and effective way to improve general health and boost immunity. The programme combines an alkalising diet and a specific supplement with deep hydration from weekly Colonic Hydrotherapy for a period of 21 days. The food is simple and can easily be prepared from home.

This Alkalising Cleanse will benefit those with: 

  • Skin related symptoms such as acne
  • Hormone related symptoms such as PMT, Menopausal Symptoms and difficulties conceiving 
  • Water retention and cellulite
  • Fatigue
  • Joint's and muscle pain

 The cleanse lasts 21 days and comprises:

  • Three Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments
  • Nutritional recommendations and educational material
    with easy to follow instructions
  • A Ph balance supplement
  • Ph measurement strips to monitor progress