Gathering and Relocating: The WHC has moved

On June 30th, 2021, I closed the door of the Whole Health Centre 

The Whole Health Centre was a purpose-built space I created five years ago inspired by my previous clinic of the same name, which I opened in the 90s.

A bright, open space, the WHC was home to the Detox Weekends and a variety of trainings, therapies, classes, and art exhibitions.

A space is bounded and contained, with organised surroundings, where it is possible to feel safe by limiting sensory inputs and inviting relaxation. Like many who came into the WHC, I will miss our shared learning, laughter and tears and the hope and healing that gently followed from the practice of letting go. 

Relocating is never an easy step to take. I have relocated several times in my 30 years of practice, but this particular move has been made easier by the beautiful space I have been invited into by Colonic Therapist Debbie Laniado

From the 6th of August 2021, I will be practising from North London Colonics and I look forward to welcoming you there.

192 side entrance

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This is a specific programme designed to help beat the unpleasant and pervasive symptoms associated with Candida and yeast over growth. Candida and associated yeast overgrowth are notoriously difficult to eliminate and they originate in the bowel. The programme focuses on rebalancing the delicate environment of the bowel and restoring the integrity of the gut lining for greater resistance and improved immunity

The Beat Candida Programme is suitable:

  • In the case of Candida and Yeast related symptoms such as chronic/recurrent thrush
  • To improve hormonal detoxification and symptom related to oestrogen toxicity such as PMT, Menopausal Symptoms, breast cancer and difficulties conceiving¬†
  • In case of chronic fatigue, ME, and depleted immunity
  • To gain energy and mental clarity
  • To manage allergies and environmental illnesses
  • In the treatment of chronic cystitis, acne, PID, etc

The complete programme lasts 6 to 12 weeks and comprises:

  • Six Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments using herbs
  • A strong probiotic implant on the last treatment
  • Specific laboratory testing for Candida and yeast
  • Nutritional recommendations and educational material with easy to follow instructions
  • A specific nutritional supplement programme