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Kinesiology treatments are based on the premise that each and every one of our muscles is connected, through its own specific neurological pathway, to our memory and to our structural, physiological, emotional and energetic state. It is possible to interview individual muscles by measuring a muscle’s response to light pressure. This is referred to as muscle testing. The muscle will feel more or less able to resist depending on what element is being assessed and on any intervention applied to the test. This can be a nutritional supplement, a physical adjustment or a mental/emotional release.

There are many techniques available to rebalance mind and body using kinesiology. The muscle test makes it possible to assess the specific areas that need attention and to identify the best remedy. The aim is to facilitate healing by re-patterning the neurological connections that exist within our muscles and which conspire to create our habitual or reactive responses. In this way we can gain more control of our emotions, more freedom in our movements and more creativity with our choices.

Read about excting new development in neuro-science on memory, the brain and behavioural patterning.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Initial Consultation £120
Single treatment £100 (Course of 3 treatments £270)

Nutritional Counselling

Initial Consultation £110 (Follow up £80)

Kinesiology-Emotional Balancing

Initial Consultation £110 Follow up (1 hour) £80


Initial Consultation £110 Follow up £80

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