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Treatments at the The Whole Health Centre will remain available.

Following the governement's latest announcement about lockdown measures, I am happy to inform you that treatments at the The Whole Health Centre will remain available.

I am contactable on telephone 07502 222 269 or you can email me at

Don't hesitate to get in touch! 

We have added a number of measures to ensure your safety. Please read details of the health measures in place at the WHC...

Anne Lise Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy combines smell with touch thus creating a potent combination of sensations and releasing deep seated memories, tensions and emotions stored in our body.

Smell is the most primitive of our senses and a single whiff of a particular sent can conjure up a multitude of memories. This happens because information is sent from the nose to the key brain regions involved in learning and memory.

I use essential oils I import from a French distillery based in Provence to ensure purity and freshness. They are organic where possible and traceable. Essential oils have many therapeutic applications beyond their effect on mood and well-being and I am qualified to advise you on essential oil use and preparations for more specific conditions.


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Anne-Lise Miller 

Call Anne-Lise on 07502 222 269 or SEND AN EMAIL



Colonic Hydrotherapy

Initial Consultation £110
Single treatment £95 (Course of 3 treatments £270)

Nutritional Counselling

Initial Consultation £110 (Follow up £80)

Kinesiology-Emotional Balancing

Initial Consultation £110 Follow up (1 hour) £80


Initial Consultation £110 Follow up £80

What People Say about Anne-Lise

"It was my first time doing this kind of treatment, Anne-Lise was super knowledgeable and skilled in her field.
I would highly recommend her establishment to all my friends and family" Sylvia H