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Spring Detox Weekend London

2019-05-10 09:00 - 2019-05-12 19:00
The Whole Health Centre - London
3 days

The Juice Cleanse Weekends are non-residential and are led by Anne-Lise Miller and Shirley MacDonald. They take place at The Whole Health Centre, in London, where there is a dedicated space to share the juices and chill-out between treaments. The centre is also conveniently located near Hampstead heath for those who prefer nature. 

Join a small group of like-minded people to rejuvenate your body, relax your mind and nurture your soul. Designed to cleanse the lymphatic system, bowel, liver and gall-bladder, this short but highly effective programme will leave you feeling lighter, energised and clearer headed.

The weekend comprises:

  • Two Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments to cleanse the bowel and eliminate toxic waste
  • A Deep Tissue Massage to relax the nervous system and improve circulation
  • A Kinesiology session to address specific issues (mental/emotional, nutritional or physical)
  • Two Bowen Therapy treatments to help lymphatic and energetic flow
  • Three Meditation and mindfulness classes to relax and focus the mind
  • Juices and detox supplements to maintain optimal nourishment throughout the cleanse
  • The option of a Liver and Gall-Bladder Flush


All Dates

  • From 2019-05-10 09:00 to 2019-05-12 19:00

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