Whether you have had the treatment before or not, It is natural to feel aprehensive about colonic. The treatment rooms are kept meticulously clean and are private. we aim to make your experience relaxing, nurturing and above all one in which you feel safe and in control. 

Choose this option if you have never had a treatment before or would like to discuss your symptoms in depth with your colonic therapist

Colonic Implants

The walls of the colon easily absorb water soluble compounds and colonic irrigation can easily be a vector for herbal tinctures, colloidal minerals, salts, etc. Coffee Enema can be included in a colonic hydrotherapy treatment to stimulate hepatic release of bile. Coffee has a potent effect on liver detoxification and can enhance the effect of a colonic.
Colonic irrigation facilitates the introduction of a post-treatment rectal implant and makes it more comfortable as well as more potent. Probiotic, butyric acid and specific herbs can be used depending on therapeutic requirements.

1 hour & 30 min. £ 120.00


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