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Message from Anne-Lise about the current health crisis

Because of the current governement's lockdown measures, The Whole Health Centre is closed. I will endeavour to fully re-open as soon as the situation allows

I am still contactable on telephone 07502 222 269 or you can email me at

Don't hesitate to get in touch!

As I am preparing to return to a semblance of pre-covid life and planning my post lockdown practice, I am confronted by some home truth

You can read my personal account of this here...

Upcoming Events

There are 3 upcoming events


Summer Detox Weekend

Venue: The Whole Health Centre  |  City: LONDON, United Kingdom
Three days to tune-in with the year ahead and focus on liver cleansing.

Late Summer Detox Weekend

Venue: The Whole Health Centre  |  City: London , United Kingdom
Three mindful days to cleanse your body, rest your mind and feed your soul.
Continuous Professional Development

Systematic Reflexology: a two hands' approach for detoxification and whole-body balancing

Venue: The Whole Health Centre  |  City: LONDON NW3 2BE, United Kingdom
Learn a unique Whole-System Approach to Foot Reflexology using two hands for total body balancing

book too young to Grow Old

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 Anne-Lise Miller does not just understand health; she understands people. With a mixture of cogent science and common sense, she shows us how to live a happier and better-balanced life. 
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