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Message from Anne-Lise about the current health crisis

Because of the current governement's measures, The Whole Health Centre is closed. I will endeavour to re-open as soon as the situation allows

I am still contactable on telephone 07502 222 269 or you can email me at

Like many, I am slowly getting over the shock of having my life turned upside down.

The path from denial through to fear, resignation and eventually creativity is a tortuous one. No matter how resilient, we are all affected and having to re-adjust.

Finding meaning and purpose no matter the circumstances is a human need.

You can read my personal account of this here...

Three-day Juice Cleanse with Gallbladder Flush

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2020-03-06 09:00 - 2020-03-08 17:00
The Whole Health Centre - LONDON
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3 days

The Juice-Fast detox weekends are non-residential. They are led by Anne-Lise Miller and supported by Cathy Gavrilita and Vera Moisa, two highly experienced massage and reflexology practitioners . They take place at The Whole Health Centre where there is a dedicated space to share the juices, and chill-out between treatments if you wish. The centre is also conveniently located near Hampstead Heath for those who prefer nature and within easy access to the shops and amenities of Primrose Hill and Belsize Park.

You will be joining a small group of like-minded people to rejuvenate your body, relax your mind and nurture your soul. Each day the programme includes two treatments, a movement and mindfulness class and a meditation. On the Saturday there is a Art Therapy class lead by Olga Raybould

Designed to cleanse the lymphatic, bowel, liver and gall-bladder this short but highly effective programme will leave you feeling clearer headed, lighter body and energised.

The Weekend comprises:

  • Two Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments to cleanse the bowel and eliminate toxic waste
  • A full-body massage to relax the nervous system and improve circulation
  • A consultation to address specific issues (mental/emotional, nutritional or physical) 
  • Two Reflexology treatments to prime lymphatic and energetic flow
  • Three movement-focused mindfulness classes to integrate body and mind
  • Two guided meditations to engage the whole consciouness into the letting go and cleansing process
  • An Art Therapy class to tap into personal creativity and transformation
  • Six juices and detox supplements to maintain optimal nourishment throughout the cleanse
  • The option of a liver and gall-bladder flush on the second evening

See detailed description of the weekend and typical timetable

DD at Ginger and Lime juice bar is taking care of the juices which are prepared fresh daily. See the full list of juices to chose from. 



All Dates

  • From 2020-03-06 09:00 to 2020-03-08 17:00

Events Calendar

Forthcoming events

Venue: The Whole Health Centre  |  City: LONDON
Three days of cleansing to prime your body on time for the summer holidays

Venue: The Whole Health Centre  |  City: LONDON
Three days to tune-in with the year ahead and focus on liver cleansing.

Venue: The Whole Health Centre  |  City: LONDON NW3 2BE
Learn a unique Whole-System Approach to Foot Reflexology using two hands for total body balancing

About the Whole Health Centre

Table the whole health centreThe Whole Health Centre was created in 1996 by Brian and Anne-Lise Miller.
Originally located in North London at near-by England's Lane, it was one of the first complementary health clinics to specialise in colonic hydrotherapy, detoxification and the naturopathic approach of Dr Sheldon Deal.
In 1997, The Whole Health Centre also became the home of Anne-Lise's professional training school for Colonic Hydrotherapy and hosted a number of events promoting detoxification and an integrative approach to health.

In 1998, the Whole Health Centre relocated to Scotland when Brian and Anne-lise moved to Coveyheugh House and opened a residential health and wellness centre offering juice fasting retreats. Over the following 15 years, they continued to teach and promote mindfulness, body/mind connection and detoxification practices to students of colonic hydrotherapy and retreat participants. 

The Whole Health Centre is now located in the newly refurbished clinic that once was "The Centre for Traditional Chinese Medecine". The aim of the centre is to offer a peaceful haven of health education, inspiration and human connections.

The two-floor space is carefuly designed by Anne-Lise: events, classes and gatherings take place upstairs, while three luxurious treatment rooms await you downstairs, a space dedicated to individual therapies.

Our waiting area is comfortably set up for you to hang out, read, drink tea and meditate at your leisure. 

"Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care - Jerry Cantrell"
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The Whole Health Centre

78 Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, London NW3 2BE

Enquiries Anne-Lise tel 07502 222 269


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