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Following the governement's lockdown measures, I am happy to announce that the The Whole Health Centre is re-opened.

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Systematic Reflexology: a two hands' approach for detoxification and whole-body balancing

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Continuous Professional Development
2020-05-03 09:30 - 17:30
The Whole Health Centre - 78 Haverstock Hill
LONDON NW3 2BE, United Kingdom
7 CPD-Points

This 7 hour’s CPD course offers a novel and unique way to treat the feet system by system. This is achieved with the therapist working on both feet simultaneously rather than one side at a time.
Systematic reflexology focusses particularly on the detoxification systems: lymphatic, lungs, kidneys, liver and colon. The treatment aims to rebalance energetic and blood flow. It is particularly suited for those suffering from chronic issues that are aggravated by stress such as fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, difficulties sleeping, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Systematic Reflexology is a stand-alone treatment that can last from ten minutes to one hour. Depending on the needs of the person, it can be used to prime the body before a regular reflexology/bodywork treatment or it can be a natural way to ground after a healing or bodywork treatment.

The course is taught by Vera Moisa and Cathy Gravilita two highly experienced Reflexologists with background in nursing. Together they created and developped this novel Two Hands Reflexology that focusses on releasing blockages and restrictions in the feet while inviting a deeper metaphysical interpretation.

The body systems from a metaphysical perspective

  • Nervous System is about communication and interpreting
  • Cardiovascular System is connected to flow and blockages and being on the right track
  • Lymphatic System and Immunity is associated with picking up after others, self-protection and self-criticism
  • Skeletal System gives structure, restructure and infrastructure
  • Muscular System is about divided loyalties as it pulls in two directions
  • Digestive System has a lot to do with process and teamwork as it assimilates and disposes
  • espiratory System deals with fair exchange and transition
  • Reproductive System develops creative expression
  • Integumentary System defines boundaries, security and a willingness to be on show
  • Special Senses gives you a way to remember

This CPD workshop is held at the Whole Health Centre

Participants will be awarded an Attendance Certificate.

It is suitable for all

  • Bodywork therapists,
  • Reflexologists,
  • Healing and reiki practitioners
  • Carer/nurses wanting to offer gentle foot massage to their patients

NB This training is open to anyone wishing to learn about the wonderfully therapeutic and conecting aspects of foot massage. Foot massage can be done on anyone from children to the frail and elderly. It transcends language and is perhaps the most dynamic way to care and connect with someone.

Even if your interst is non-professional speak to Vera.



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  • 2020-05-03 09:30 - 17:30

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Venue: The Whole Health Centre  |  City: LONDON NW3 2BE
Learn a unique Whole-System Approach to Foot Reflexology using two hands for total body balancing

About the Whole Health Centre

Table the whole health centreThe Whole Health Centre was created in 1996 by Brian and Anne-Lise Miller.
Originally located in North London at near-by England's Lane, it was one of the first complementary health clinics to specialise in colonic hydrotherapy, detoxification and the naturopathic approach of Dr Sheldon Deal.
In 1997, The Whole Health Centre also became the home of Anne-Lise's professional training school for Colonic Hydrotherapy and hosted a number of events promoting detoxification and an integrative approach to health.

In 1998, the Whole Health Centre relocated to Scotland when Brian and Anne-lise moved to Coveyheugh House and opened a residential health and wellness centre offering juice fasting retreats. Over the following 15 years, they continued to teach and promote mindfulness, body/mind connection and detoxification practices to students of colonic hydrotherapy and retreat participants. 

The Whole Health Centre is now located in the newly refurbished clinic that once was "The Centre for Traditional Chinese Medecine". The aim of the centre is to offer a peaceful haven of health education, inspiration and human connections.

The two-floor space is carefuly designed by Anne-Lise: events, classes and gatherings take place upstairs, while three luxurious treatment rooms await you downstairs, a space dedicated to individual therapies.

Our waiting area is comfortably set up for you to hang out, read, drink tea and meditate at your leisure. 

"Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care - Jerry Cantrell"
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